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Our Legacy is Restoring America's Barns

Welcome to Woodford Brothers! We revolutionized barn construction, mastering old-world and modern techniques. Since 1965, our team has breathed new life into over a thousand New York barns. Our skills in restoring timeworn structures are unmatched, blending tradition with innovation for today’s needs.

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Years of Experience

Barns Repaired

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Our Comprehensive Barn Construction Services in New York

We craft barns with skill, making each one strong. Our work spans all of New York, fixing up old structures well. You get tough beams and walls that stand long. Each nail, plank, and joint always gets our full attention. Trust in a barn built to last through hard times.

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NY Weather Adaptations

We build barns to withstand tough New York climates. Heavy snowfall demands strong, sloped roofs. Sudden temperature swings need adaptive materials. High winds call for reinforced siding options. Thorough sealing keeps your barn dry and safe from storms. Protect your barn from the elements with our durable and weather-resistant building solutions today!

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Site Inspection and Preparation

We start our site checks early in the build. Plans must meet all local codes to pass. Our rough-in inspections catch issues when they’re small; each step aligns with laws. Before the walls go up, we check that the electrical boxes are right. Final prep means no surprises for you or us later on. Contact us today to ensure your project meets all local codes and regulations from start to finish.

Foundation Repair and Replacement

We assess barn foundations with precision, swiftly identifying core issues. We apply an innovative wall-pushing technique for robust stability. Our shotcrete method reinforces walls far beyond basic repair needs. Our work focuses on durability against New York’s intense weather—we provide lasting strength to your structure’s base.

Structural Security
Our goal remains in every barn we touch: ensure it stands strong. We precisely address every weak spot—stone walls get replaced if they falter. Beams sit mid-roof for that extra hold where you need it most. Angle braces are key; they add critical support silently working in corners. Solid knee braces cap off our work, securing your peace of mind.
Roof Repair and Replacement
Our team tackles each roof with care, ensuring lasting quality. We prioritize secure fitting and precise trimming for every repair job. Metal materials provide durability against the elements. Your barn’s aesthetic appeal matters to us as much as the function does. Expect a sturdy, well-crafted roof with our specialized service.

Why Woodford Barn Repair is Your Best Choice

We fix barns when others give up, saving costs. With 50+ years of experience, our expertise covers foundation repairs and roof leveling. We’ve tackled over 1000 projects successfully. Trust us; we make the old new again.

Contact us today for a free estimate, and let us bring your barn back to life!

Over 50 Years of Proven Success

Half a century marks our journey – fixing, building, shaping barns. We guarantee that every project bears the stamp of excellence. Our clients have trusted us for generations, appreciating the true craftsmanship we have sustained over decades. We carry this legacy into every timber and nail of your structure. Our longevity speaks: we stand firm like the barns we raise.

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Comprehensive Service Across New York

Our services cover all of New York State. Every town, corner to corner, we’re there. We fix barns, big or small, making them strong again. Do you need a solid repair job? Always keep in mind that sales tax is applicable unless there are exemptions. Don’t worry! We’ll guide you through it if needed.

Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

We make sure each barn stands strong. Every nail, board, and beam counts for us. We plan with care; your satisfaction is our win. Our work speaks of quality and precision in repair. Trust Woodford Barn Repair to go beyond what you hope for.

Tailored Solutions for Every Barn

Every barn stands unique, and so do our repair solutions. We craft fixes that fit your specific structure. You get a clear, fixed-price quote and detailed plan. Our professional crew works with precision on every task. Trust us to blend quality care into each project phase.

Custom Design and Project Planning

We map your vision into a unique barn blueprint. Every design reflects the function and story of your space. We craft plans that prioritize both sturdiness and style. Expect precision in every line, ensuring longevity for years to come. Our service turns ideas into tangible, lasting structures.

Pole Barn Construction in New York

At Woodford Barn Repair, we construct reliable pole barns. They’re versatile for farms, storage, or special events. Built with efficiency in mind, they last longer. Crafting durable structures is our commitment to you. Trust us to provide sturdy solutions that endure time’s test. Each build reflects your unique needs precisely.

Sustainable Material Use

We use materials that last long and save you money. Ladder frame buildings, an economical choice, are quick to put up. Each EPS post carries a fifty-year warranty for durability. The paint we apply promises forty years without fail. We make sure every build fits your unique requirements.


Why Choose Woodford Barn Repair?

Choose us for skills honed over decades in barn repair. We excel in pole barn work and classic restorations, ensuring quality results. Local farms trust our skilled hands to renew their storied structures with care. Each project reflects our commitment to lasting craftsmanship in agriculture’s heartland. You get a partner committed to excellence with every beam placed.

Contact us today to experience the difference decades of barn repair expertise can make in preserving and restoring your agricultural structures.

Unmatched Expertise in Barn Construction

We’ve worked on many barns, but here’s the truth. Each project shows my deep understanding of the age-old craft. Our team fixed over a thousand, some very old. We make sure your barn stands strong and stuns all who see it.

Innovative Construction Techniques

We use a cutting-edge wall-pushing system, which guarantees the barn’s structural soundness stays intact. Advanced shotcrete technology complements our approach, seamlessly merging with old-style building techniques. Our strategy preserves the timeless allure of classic barns while enhancing durability.


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We craft New York barns to stand the test of time. Trust in our experience for lasting builds. Each project gets a personal touch, ensuring structures that endure and impress. Discuss your vision with us; let’s create something solid together. Your barn dream awaits — reach out now.

Let’s bring your barn dream to life – contact us today, and let’s build something amazing together!

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